Voyage Puzzle

Voyage Puzzle 1.0

Solve match-3 puzzles and discover 20 of the most famous places in the world
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Voyage Puzzle challenges players to solve a series of match-3 games and discover 20 of the most famous places in the world. Even though it brings nothing new to the games of the kind, this puzzle has some features that make it enjoyable to play.

Along 100 levels, we need to swap balls and create rows of three balls of the same color in order to remove them from the grid. Apart from the spheres, there are special pieces, like tiles and locks, that we need to clear to pass on to a next level. The crystal spheres at the bottom will fill as we create matches, and once they are completely filled they will give us special power-ups. Also, collecting special tiles will fill the left-side capsule called ‘combometer’ producing rain that will remove locked tiles upon contact. Also, bonus levels will appear if you manage to collect all the special tiles on the grid. The timer gives us enough time to complete levels, so we can just relax and play without any pressure. There is a uniquely-shaped grid in every level and also each one introduces new challenges, as well as power-ups, and special bonuses.

Graphics are very attractive and colorful, and a soothing tune makes Voyage Puzzle a good game to try.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Many levels to play
  • Plenty of special bonuses and power-ups
  • Nice graphics and music
  • Free


  • Adds nothing new to the genre
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